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Hi Karen,

Just a couple of pics to let you know how our little girl is going. She's such a comedian and never fails to make us laugh even through these testing times. We are loving every minute of her being in our lives.

Carole & David








Hi Karen,

I thought you might be interested in seeing a picture of our puppy Ziggy. She is gorgeous and she has a delightfully cheeky and loving nature. She is also very clever and has been easy to train. She's adorable and we are all besotted.









Hi Karen,

Lola is sooo tiny and sooo cute. She is just beautiful!!!! Very quick learner. She gets on so well with her kitty brother! They are always playing together.








Hi Karen,

Bob has been such a precious little boy. I've attached some photos of him. I think I've taken about 100 photos already. :)

Kind regards,








Hi Karen,

A week on and our Pia has settled in very well. Starting to show a bit of personality and cheek.
Is sleeping well at night all is good.









Hi Karen,

Thank you so much for the beautiful photos and video of "Ruthie". I have fallen in love even more. I'm so happy, thank you! I already know that Ruthie is going to be the most amazing addition to my home.



Hi Karen,

So... It's Day 5 and Ruthie is a little angel! Here's a few pictures for you.
I have a fake grass potty thing as I'm in an apartment... she is using it about 80% of the time which is great! Ha ha! Sleeping in the crate next to me as well. We are best friends already.
Kara x








Hi Karen,

Here are some photos of our little Samwise Gamgee (Sam or Sammy for short). He has grown heaps and now weighs 2.9 kgs. The one where he looks like a dancing ballerina is his favorite sleeping position. Sam is very clever and he learnt Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Roll, Heel, Quick-quick (toilet time) and Yum-yum (food time) very quickly and he has not gone to Puppy School yet! He loves his food and is very playful and cheeky. We love him so much !!! A very big thank you to you, Chilli and Willow for giving us Sam.









Hi Karen,

Here are some of the photos of Dusty! As you can see, he's very well loved.

Many thanks,








Hi Karen,

just to let you we are so in love with Biggie he's our absolute world.
We love him that much that I'm thinking of getting another one.. when are you having more puppies?









Hi Karen,

This photo was taken after grooming Abbie in July. She is so beautiful!!









Hi Karen,

Ruby has settled in well. Toilet training is still a challenge but she is so beautiful and loving.









Hi Karen,

Thought you might like this photo of little Sophie now 17 months old.
She's absolutely adored, sweetest nature, loves kids, loves everybody in fact, the love of my life.
Her mate Lucy passed away a couple of months ago, aged almost 16, but she seems to be ok on her own, well, she's never on her own with us, and is just part of family, inside most of time, and has a walk every day around the lake or park.

Julie O'Sullivan








Hello Karen,

here is a photo of our gorgeous Abby who is now just over 6 months old. She is an absolute gem and gives so much pleasure.
She loves everyone and I remember you saying everyone will stop to pat her when we go for a walk and you were right!
Thank you, we know how lucky we are having her.

Kindest regards,








Hi Karen,

I just want to give you an update of Truffle! She just had her second vaccination and doing really well.
She's really perfect, thank you once again for giving such a beautiful puppy! :)









Hi Karen,

I would just like to say thank you for the smooth transition with Ringo.
You've been really helpful and this has been a great process.
He's doing so well here and is adjusting to the family really nicely.
Here's a photo of him this morning playing with his new toys

Kind regards,








Hi Karen,

Sorry it has taken me so long to send some photos of Bentley.
Please find attached some images of him from his first 3 weeks at home.









Hi Karen,

Some up to date photos of Charley.
Charley has settled in exceptionally well into our home and is eating and sleeping well.
Whilst we have had little 'accidents', she generally stands in front of the glass sliding door waiting to be let out to do her business.
She especially loves cuddles of which she gets quite often.
We are so in love with her.

Warm regards,








Hi Karen,

Bella is getting adjusted
Starting to run around
Exploring everything

Thanks again, Kane








Hi Karen,

Just thought we would send a few snaps of Barkley's first day here.
He seems to be settling in really well!

Jess and Jason



Hi Karen,

Thought I would send a quick email with a little update of Barkley.
He has settled in to our little family so well and now runs the house.
On a really hot day last year we took him down to the dog beach and happened to run in to a cavoodle from the same litter as him! Hudson if I can recall correctly.
We absolutely adore Barkley and he has the best little personality.

Jess, Jason and Barkley








Hi Karen,

Went to the butcher this morning and got little miss Abbie a soft veal bone. She has managed to get most of the meat off it and gnawed all around the edges.
I'm sure she would have buried it but it is a bit too big. She has a habit of burying all her favourite treats - even if it is under the cushion in her little bed or on the bottom shelf of the desk in the back of the shop.
She continues to delight everyone!

Best regards,








Hi Karen,

Our beautiful Ruby arrived safely!!!!
Thank you! We love her so much already!
Thank you so much for all her little treats.

Kind regards,
Josh and Laura



Hi Karen,

6 months down the track Ruby is doing so well!
She was desexed last week and had a speedy recovery.
We can't imagine life without her now, she's the best little thing!
I've attached some more photos for you of our girl grown up.
Are you still breeding Cavoodles? I've had so many people ask where Ruby is from.









Hi Karen,

Here is a photo of Molly at around 6 months old.
She melts the heart of every person she meets.
Thank you for breeding such a healthy, happy puppy









Dear Karen,

Hope you are well! I thought you might like to see some photos of little Arlo.
He has grown quite a bit since we got him (approx. 3.6kg now) we had to buy him a bigger bed haha.
I remember you said that the first night home is usually difficult but he was actually really good. He slept in his crate and didn't cry at all. Even now he doesn't give me any trouble at night and lets me know when he needs to go out.
Of course he is now 4 months old and just finished puppy school. He is so good with other dogs and is also a very quick learner - he knows sit, down, stay, come, as well as shake, hi 5, crawl and rollover. But he does have a couple of bad habits that we need to work on LOL.
He is such a loveable pup, strangers always stop to pat him and say how cute he is.
I hope you like the photos!

Kindest regards,








Hi Karen,

Barley has settled in well!
We adore him!

Regards, Leanne








Hi Karen,

Thought you might like to see how Grace is progressing.
She had her second shots last week and as you can see she is not so little any more.
She has been quick go learn, has mastered the stairs and is pretty much toilet trained.
We love her cheeky personality, not at all shy and she loves visitors.
We have a large cage that she sleeps in at night and will often take a nap in during the day.
She is adorable and exactly the dog we had hoped for.
Kind regards,
Janet Graham



Hi Karen,

Grace is now 4 months and we are experiencing the equivalent of the 'terrible twos', that sweet little face usually means she is plotting. She loves the garden (under construction) and is happy to help pull up plants, chew leaves, watch fish and bark at kangaroos, galahs or anything else that moves. All very entertaining and we love her. She has a good appetite, now weighing 4.1kg, and travels well in the car having just come back from Barossa where she settled into our accommodation with ease. The beach has become a favourite walking spot for her, she loves the waves and people and dogs alike.
Jan Graham








Hi Karen,

Just to let you know pebbles Gordon is safe and sound in her new families arms, loved already ❤
Thanks heaps








Hi Karen,

please find attached few photos of Apollo.
We love him so much, thanks :)








Hi Karen,

It's been a while, but I have finally got around to taking some more photos of Truffles so that I could send you some to see how much she has grown and how adorable she is! We are loving having her, and she is getting lots of love from all of us. There are certainly moments of frustration (like when she does a wee inside, which is infrequent but still annoying!), but lots of gorgeous moments in between. The Vet says she is a very healthy dog, so that is reassuring.
I hope you are well, and enjoy the photos of Truffles.

Kind regards,








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