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The Cavalier Poodle
combines the outstanding characteristics of the Toy or Miniature Poodle and the Cavalier Breeds.
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Many Cavoodle pups are born with long, soft floppy ears, large brows and a compact, round face - giving the dog an eternal puppy appearance. However, variability can occur amongst the pups. Although all are undoubtedly very cute, not all dogs will look alike. Variation amongst the litter is influenced by the genetic contribution of each parent so some pups will appear more Poodle-like, others more like a Cavalier.


Can range from Solid black, White, Blenheim (chestnut and white), Tri-colour (black, white and tan), Gold, Red, Apricot and Ruby.


Adults will range in height from 30-35 cm at the shoulders and 6-10kgs. The smaller sized adults will be the result of using the Toy poodle as the sire/dad


Cavoodles set out to bring out the best of the Cavalier and Poodle breeds together to produce an intelligent, compact and healthy little animal with a wonderful temperament. So why choose to cross these particular breeds? The Cavalier is one of Australia's most popular purebred dogs, and rightly so. Deliberately bred as a companion dog, it has an adorable temperament and is gentle and compliant around children. The Toy & Miniature Poodle is another popular small breed and is known for its intelligence and loyalty. Toy & Miniature Poodles are also known to have 'neurotic' tendencies, especially if over spoilt by their owners. However the crossbreed is likely to have this tendency diminished with the contribution of the Cavalier's laid back temperament.


Those animals with a poodle-like coat will need brushing around three to four times a week, a Cavalier coat perhaps only once a week. Clipping may be necessary three to four time a year.


Owners can expect a healthy dog to be a member of the family for around 10-14 years.


This lovable little canine is suitable for all age groups and most lifestyles. Thanks to the influence from its parents, the Cavoodle is an intelligent dog, not as hyperactive as some other cross breeds and adores human companionship. Great for small homes with little or no yard, these dogs don't require much exercise, but will still benefit from a regular walk or run in an open space.


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